Gills Road

Architectural – Builders Own Home!

After buying our first home, which was a 1900’s cottage in terrible condition, with a large backyard the intention was to build a new house down the track at some stage. So after a quick makeover of the cottage to make it liveable, we made a plan over the next 3 years for what to build. 

This all eventuated just as Master Craft Construction was born. With a new business to build and funds stretched, the first part of this build was completed in Jared’s “spare time”. After work and weekends were spent getting this project out of the ground. Being a three-story build with concrete floors on both levels one and two and concrete block walls on level one, brick veneer level two, and weather board level three meant that it was an intense “spare time” build. 

By the time the level two slab was poured Master Craft had grown from 1 to 3 guys including Jared and it was definitely needed. Frames, trusses, weatherboard, and a high-level finish inside complemented by hydronic underfloor heating have made this home an absolute pleasure to live in for the past 3 years. 

Jared is now ready for the next “weekend project”. Watch this space.