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The Master Craft Team

Master Craft Construction is currently made up of a close knit team of 6 members. We are also members of the Registered Master Builders Association.

We also have excellent working relationships with Subcontractors that are all part of the building process. 

All Subcontractors we use are of the same basis being smaller owner operated companies to ensure you get the best finished product and value for money.

Meet the Team - Our Builders - Auckland, NZ
Jared Banks - Owner - Meet The Team - Master Craft Construction

Jared Banks


Jared Banks  has  over 15 years experience building in Auckland, Waiheke, London and France. Jared is the director of the company, an LBP and passionate about building and producing top quality work that puts a smile on his clients faces. Jared looks forward to the new challenges construction provides every week.

Clint - Lead Foreman - Meet The Team - Master Craft Construction


Lead Foreman

Clint is a lead foreman for Master Craft Construction. He is also an LPB and has had a wide range of experience in the building industry. He has an excellent skill set and a high work ethic.

Mitchell - Meet The Team - Master Craft Construction


Mitchell  has been building for over 3 years and has experience in a range of different builds so far. Mitchell is a great personality to have onsite and is prepared to rip into any task no matter how tough.

Mike - Meet The Team - Master Craft Construction


Mike is a recently qualified builder. He has a background in high end architectural building both new and renovation. He takes pride in his work and is a welcome addition to the team.

Scott - Meet The Team - Master Craft Construction


Scott is in his 3rd year working as a builder. He is a quick learner and is driven to succeed in the building industry. Prior to joining the Master Craft team he spent several years competing as a professional cyclist.

Brad - Meet The Team - Master Craft Construction


Brad is in his first year of completing his building apprenticeship. He has come to Master Craft Construction having already spent a few years prior building golf courses around the world as a greenkeeper. This has given him a great foundation set of practical skills and he is advancing quickly through his apprenticeship.

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