The Parade

Architectural – Masonry – New Build

This architectural new-build is constructed using Pre Cast Lite Crete tilt slab panels. Using Lite Crete means no cladding and also no strapping and lining inside if not required for services and the R-value of the panels are high enough to not need additional insulation.

Limited site space, raised floor level due to council requirements, full height masonry tilt panels and two concrete floors have made for a challenging build process. The tilt panels landed directly on the foundations and the first-floor slab was what locked these panels in place. This meant that panel props holding the tilt panels upright couldn’t be removed until after the first-floor slab was poured.

Cedar fascia and soffits, Flaxpod Duratec Joinery, Span Lok roofing and rough sawn weatherboard finishes on the tilt panels all come together to make this build really stand out from the crowd.

The unexpected blend of materials defines the distinctive character of this beachfront home, which has earned us the prestigious Top 100 National Award, Regional Category Winner for Auckland/Northland/Coromandel New Homes in the $1.5 million – $2 million category.

House Of The Year Award 2023